Saturday, October 18, 2014

on edge

make love in the margins
give me your brain
slide your pen in that tight space between fiction and pain
I want to taste your heart all inked and dribbled
I want feel your soul embossed and scribbled.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The sum of space sugar is equal to its parts

And through this energy we can find introspection. Secret links that make us who we are as individuals. The plexus of forces, connections, experiences... all from influences that are both biological and environmental that attribute to our wiring... all in which dig deeper into truth of the conscious mind. There we find truth to the statement, "I'm just not wired like that..." ??? When looking deeper into what is relatively still, we find a multitude of waves and attractions that one could theorize the extremely high frequency of trough and crest- even greater than gamma rays, could become so dense that they could appear as the particle themselves. Sugar in space. Carbs in bread. Molecular ingredients are the same, yet how they are put together make them rolls or loaves. Same could be said of a finger print. A brain. The basic cell structure is there... But how does it form... connect... Bond... Just as finger prints are composed of epidermal cells... It is the arrangement that identifies us as unique... Same goes for the arrangement of connections of cells and neurons that create our thought. Survival. Evolution. Experimental. Development. Genetic. Nutritional. Environmental. Anything goes and influences..... Such processes to allow us to have our own hierarchy of thought, desires, feelings. But what do I know. I am just a lifeguard with too much time on her hands allowing my own thought process in this throne contribute to philosophical debates with coworkers.